The Problem

How do you inspire millennials to connect with their parents’ brand?


Channel millennials’ natural habitat


Millennials can be disengaged customers, so to draw their attention to Adidas Originals we targeted them where we knew they were hanging out: Instagram. Capitalizing on their love of documenting everything, and their pride for the cities they live in, we created a special collaborative Instagram project. “City of Originals” brought together two people from two different cities to create a mashup image inspired by the iconic Adidas Originals trefoil and a photo they took of the world around them. In that way, we built a bridge from the here-and-now to Adidas’ throwback line.

Sales doubled during the campaign


“City of Originals” generated Instagram submissions from 48 cities across 22 countries, and led to over 500 million impressions. In the process, we helped boost Adidas Originals sales by connecting an entire new generation with the company’s heritage line.