The Problem

How do you reclaim the history of a brand in a category where they’ve lost relevance?


Getting Canadians to #runmore.


Runners are passionate, so our goal was to show that Adidas is passionate about running too. To build credibility with Canadian runners for the launch of Adidas Ultra Boost, we tapped into a key insight: once you fall in love with running, all you want to do is #runmore. We created an anthem around that hashtag, along with a website offering customers running routes, and a special event that welcomed runners to participate in a 10k during the extra hour of daylight savings on Halloween night. All with the goal to connect Adidas’ love of running with consumers’.





#runmore becomes a night to remember.




A 29% dollar sales increase from the previous year


The #runmore campaign surpassed sales targets by 19% and led to 100% of Adidas Boost running shoes being sold out all over Canada. What’s more, thanks to a 220% increase in social brand engagement online, Adidas climbed from 7th to 5th in top-of-mind awareness in running.