The Problem

How do you stop a new generation of kids from smoking?


Don’t lecture


Telling kids not to do something usually has the opposite effect. Instead of lecturing 10- to 12-year-old kids not to fall for the false promise of popularity that comes with smoking, we gave them the chance to reach that conclusion on their own in a unique way. We created Shadows of the Academy, a fantasy role-playing card game, designed to empower kids with the self-confidence to say “No,” as well as equip them with the skills and values to face real-life peer pressure.

200,000 kids are using a game to learn to resist peer pressure to smoke


The response from test markets was so positive that schools’ initial orders of 5,000 games increased by 300%. Since the Shadows of the Academy launch in September 2016, the game has found its way into 3,000 schools and has been officially adopted as part of the provincial school curriculum.