The Problem

How do you increase winter accessory sales when the competition is moving in on your market?


Celebrate what it means to be Canadian


With US big-box specialty retailers invading the Canadian market, it was critical for Canadian Tire to defend its home turf. In the thick of one of the harshest winters, we reminded customers that winter accessories aren’t just products, they’re a big part of what it means to be Canadian. So we encouraged a movement that is as true to our culture as the winter is cold: shovelling your neighbour’s driveway. We armed Canadians with “social shovels,” which featured Canadian Tire branding, the hashtag #shovelitforward, and a sticker urging people to clear their neighbour’s snow. Our goal? Associate the friendliness that defines Canadians with Canadian Tire.

The best winter accessory sales performance in Canadian Tire history


With 3 million earned impressions and 1 million video views, “Shovel It Forward” contributed to the best season of winter accessory sales ever. And our strategy fended off the competition by reminding people what it means to be Canadian in the cold, and how Canadian Tire can be depended upon to get them through the winter.