The Problem

How do you get Iams to the top of a cat parent’s list?


Show that cats have life stages - just like humans.

One of the ways that Iams demonstrates their commitment to proactive, high quality nutrition is by having the single largest breadth of SKUs across life stages and lifestyles. But how do you show people their cats need different food as they age? Cat videos, obv. 

For a brand that typically lives on traditional channels, inserting them into the world of digitally native content played an integral role in modernizing the brand. We built tiny cat-sized sets and released the kitties inside, letting cats do what they do best: be cats. Each video spoke to the unique benefits of the particular life stage formula of the execution – from protein for strong muscles, to Omega-3 for brain and vision development.

We learned that people like to watch cat videos.

With more than 2 million views in only three weeks, Google’s TrueView brand lift study revealed a best-in-class lift in purchase intent of 24% (only a third of all campaigns show any lift at all). Meow.