The Problem

How do you inspire Canadians to vacation in their own country when domestic travel is at an all-time low?

Canada shared by Canadians

Nobody is better equipped to tell a heartfelt and genuine story about what makes Canada great than those who live here. That’s why instead of producing an expensive tourism video that Canadians have seen over and over again, we handed the camera over to the 35 million people who call this country home. We asked Canadians to share their best local experiences and they responded with over five days of footage, and thousands of photos, which we turned into a two-minute video promoting the wonders of the Great White North.


$850 million was kept in-country

Thanks to our campaign, 2.7 million additional Canadians were convinced to keep their travel domestic, instead of going abroad. The two-minute video we created was so successful, it even went viral all over the world and also boosted international visitation by 2% to 16.3 million that year.