The Problem

How do you get the world’s oldest beverage, to compete in a category driven by innovation?


Find a new audience and speak to them in their language.

For decades, milk had always targeted women. However, research told us men were actually more likely to drink more milk. So we switched our key target. And instead of focusing on health and nutrition we sold milk for what it is – a fantastic cold beverage. We took our inspiration from beer, another fantastic cold beverage that men enjoy. Ultimately, we talked about milk the way beer brands talk about beer. Yes, it was a joke, but it was a joke guys were on in. And they were willing to drink along.


Guys are pouring tall cold ones like
never before.

For the first time in a decade, milk sales are on the upswing. Unaided recall of milk advertising actually beat the heavy hitters like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Apple, and yes even beer. But did it change behavior? Well, we witnessed a 30% increase to the statement ‘I consumed more white milk as a result of seeing the campaign’. Which is a long-winded way of saying the campaign worked. Now that calls for a tall cold one.