The Problem

How do you attract more tourists to a city with an unfortunate nickname like “Deadmonton”?


Shine a spotlight on what makes Edmonton unique


Edmontonians know they have a great city but, like many Canadians, they can sometimes be too humble for their own good. We decided it was time to change that. Our campaign “Original Since Way Back” set out to share everything that makes Edmonton a rite of passage for any tourist, not just some backwater town. Instagram-style photography paired with cheeky headlines showed off an insider’s guide to all the must-see’s and must-do’s in Canada’s northernmost city.


Downtown hotel revenue rose 12.8% in the first 60 days after the campaign launched


Our campaign resulted in 1.4 million Twitter impressions, nearly 9,000 Instagram photos, and proud buzz from media and Edmontonians. Most of all, we helped drive tourism to the city by showing it had a lot to offer, and made people think twice about calling it “Deadmonton” again.