The Problem

How do you get teens to give a damn about Canada Day?


You let them give a dam.

To get teens enthused about Canada day and our new Canadian themed Skittles, we did the only thing that seemed logical – we created an extremely long, extremely WTF video. We turned the iconic Canadian beaver into an ironic Canadian Beaver-man and had him build a beaver dam in real time. Which we then streamed. We also partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation to help raise actual money for actual beaver dams. Damn entertaining stuff for a damn good cause.

The Dam Long Version

Warning. This video is 4.5 hours long. For your safety, please find a seat with proper lumbar support.

The Dam Short Version

Attention. The 4.5-hour video above has been condensed into 4.5 minutes for your convenience. A bonus music track has been added for your enjoyment.