The Problem

How do you improve etiquette on public transit?


Enlist the help of riders.


In 2016 GO Transit launched the first #etiquettefail campaign, which resulted in a reported 36% drop in bad behavior. This year, GO Transit continued the conversation with their rider community by literally writing the book on public transit etiquette. But not without our riders’ help. GO riders provided the content of the 100-page book by venting about their most irksome transit faux-pas online using our hashtag #etiquettefail.  We then took the social conversation they provided and wrote a book. 


Etiquette is up.


From the first day we invited riders to participate, whether voting in our polls or sharing their experiences, we knew we had hit a hot button. Twitter Canada even announced that we had the top Twitter poll of 2017. 

On the day of the soft cover book launch, which we released for ‘pre-order’, it sold out in just a few hours.

After only three weeks of going live, over 10,000 e-books have been downloaded, exceeding our goal by 50%. And despite the topic of conversation being riders behaving badly, we had overwhelmingly positive social sentiment at 89%, as riders voiced their appreciation for GO making rider etiquette an important topic of conversation.  Long story short, it’s been a true community effort and an effort truly appreciated by the rider community.