The Problem

How do you get millennial moms to use Kraft products as part of their weekly meal preparation?

Tap into the global trend of "life hacks" to show how Kraft could simplify meal preparation  

Inspired by this movement, we created easy, three-step recipes that offered a twist on a traditional meal. Instructions followed a “Get This, Do This, Done” mnemonic, and images were inspired by infographics. Each retailer had its own unique hacks, with each taking an underused Kraft product and making it the hero of the recipe. In-store POS material placed key ingredients together for easy basket-building. 

Kraft Food Hacks was Kraft Canada's most successful program to date. 

Click-through rates were three to four times higher than baseline averages for both Kraft and the industry, and our Food Hack-themed Facebook posts reached over 90,000 Canadians. Participating stores saw a 41% bump in unit purchase. We blew past Kraft’s revenue goal of 5.5% growth, reaching 11.2%. And we gave millennial moms the chance to rediscover a love of cooking.