The Problem

How do you bring that ‘Lovebug’ feeling to VW fans on Valentine’s Day?


Showcase true platonic love stories from the back of a VW Beetle.

The question “how did you two meet?” tends to be reserved for couples. But friends can have interesting stories of how they “fell” for each other too. We opened this conversation to platonic love birds by using social media to ask our fans to send us the stories of how they met their best friend. Then, we picked a handful of the most entertaining ones and invited them to be interviewed in the back of a Lovebug.

Platonic Love Bug // Teaser

Platonic Love Bug // Derrick & Mark

Platonic Love Bug // Jessie & Zoey

Social channels were overflowing with VW fan love. 

We quadrupled the original goal of entries, and organically reached over 1.1M unique users. Which made our hearts go pitter-patter.