The Problem

How do you improve quality perception when your brand is a lightning rod for the most negativity the Internet has to offer?


Radical transparency to build trust


For over a decade, McDonald’s tried – and failed – to combat the negative perception of their food. Wholesome commercials comparing their ingredients to the very same purchased in the grocery store appealed only to their biggest fans. So, we took a radically different approach and targeted the skeptics. We opened up the brand and let customers look at nearly every aspect of the company’s business. “Our Food. Your Questions.” gave consumers an unprecedented chance to see behind the curtain. Whatever questions they had, we answered and continue to answer – be it how the cows are treated, why the food in the ads looks different than in the store, or what the recipe for the Big Mac secret sauce is.


Food quality perception improved by 50%


Our strategy led to the largest positive shift in perception of McDonald’s food in the last decade. With 30,000 answered questions, 132 million media impressions, and 2.3 billion social impressions, the strategy was such a success, McDonald’s has even rolled it out internationally.