The Problem

How do you save a product from being delisted?


Make men realize their face washing habits were kind of gross


With retailers hinting that they might take Neutrogena Men’s Face Wash off shelves, we had to convince guys it was a product they needed. We knew our targets didn’t care about face wash, because most of them were using the same soap on their face, feet, armpits and, yes, “junk.” We decided to hold a mirror up to that questionable behaviour and called it “Junkface.” Our campaign persuaded men that face wash wasn’t a luxury, but something they needed, and positioned Neutrogena’s product as the best solution “made for your face” and only your face.


Retailers saw a 25% sales increase during the campaign


Convincing men to use a proper face wash helped Neutrogena keep their product safely on retailers’ shelves, and make an even bigger impact than expected in the men’s skincare category.