The Problem

How do you help a major US retail brand expand into Canada after others have failed?

Be Canadian, not American


We knew Nordstrom wouldn’t win over Canadians like other US retailers had tried to do: by being brash, with big events and campaigns. Our approach was to be more humble, and show that Nordstrom really understood and admired Canadians with the grassroots campaign “We Like Your Style.” Featuring content by local fashion photographers, bloggers, art influencers and more, the campaign aimed to endear itself to Canadians by tailoring communications to individual communities, celebrating their culture and fashion sense.

The most successful launch in Nordstrom’s 114-year history


Our campaign helped Nordstrom double its opening sales targets and sparked the company’s rapid growth in Canada despite a slow retail market. Our launch strategy was such a success, it not only turned the tide on US retail expansions north of the border, but Nordstrom is using the same strategy to launch stores in other international markets.