How do you command a premium price in a commodity market?


Create a “craft raised” salmon brand

In order to charge more for a commodity product, we had to prove to chefs that paying more was worth it. Drawing on the passion, care, and expertise of Skuna Bay’s farmers, we created an entirely new way to sell premium farmed salmon: “craft raised.” We told the rich story of the pristine waters where the fish were raised, and created new environmentally friendly packaging boxes with hand-signed labels that listed locations and dates of harvest – all to better connect chefs with what they were buying and serving, while assuring them of the freshness and quality of Skuna Bay.


Case study

Skuna Bay now commands four times the price of other farmed salmon

Rebranding fish as a “craft” product has led to annual sales seeing a 200 times increase since our strategy launched in 2011. That growth has allowed Skuna Bay to now be known as the premium salmon brand in North America.

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