How do you launch a cannabis brand when regulations prohibit promoting cannabis brands?


You launch a non-cannabis brand, that just happens to have the same name.

Instead of promoting the cannabis company Emerald Health Therapeutics, we developed a campaign for Emerald Health Naturals, the Health Supplement company that doesn’t sell any cannabis products at all. 

Emerald Health Therapeutics // Case Study

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Slumbr // Boring Man

Slumbr // Workout

Slumbr // Knitting

Emerald Health Naturals // OOH

EndoHelp // Website

Name recognition without using a name.

We managed to promote Emerald’s brand across Canada using mediums that are off limits to cannabis companies without breaking a single regulation.  And we created associations between Emerald and the top three needs of cannabis users. All without mentioning cannabis or making a single health claim.